Stainless Steel Sanitary Adapters
and Weld Fittings for Pharmaceutical Processing

Stainless Steel Weld Fittings for Sanitary Processing Lines


All fittings are pin-printed for permanent identification per ASME-BPE. The mill heat number is stamped on each fitting for each component. T316L is permanently stamped on each fitting to assure receipt of quality fittings.


Each fitting is cleaned in Deionized Water and dried with filtered air. All ends (weld and clamp) are capped to prevent damage. Each fitting is individually placed in a plastic bag and heat sealed. Every fitting has a label attached to the outside of the bag which lists the part number, part description and size, material type, heat number(s) and date of manufacture.


Contracts, with mills, are written to secure controlled metallurgy for materials used in manufacturing (tube and bar) to assure consistency order to order. Only AISI T316L stainless steel with a sulfur content of .005-.017% is used for fitting manufacturing. All fittings, including welded assemblies, are annealed for stress relief and tolerance retention. Material Test Reports (MTR) are kept in a permanent file at Advance Fittings.


MTRs are required for all materials used in the production of fittings. The original MTRs are kept in a permanent file at Advance Fittings. A printed copy of MTR's is provided for all components used in fitting manufacturing and is available upon request. All fittings are permanently marked with heat numbers for system validation.

Surface Finishes

Multiple combinations of finishes are available, from 10 Ra maximum to 30 Ra minimum. Advance Fittings uses a Perthometer to measure surface finishes, thus guaranteeing the finish on every fitting meets or exceeds specifications. A printed copy of the Perthometer readings is available upon request. Advance Fittings electropolishes in-house with our own speciality designed system.


Electropolishing produces a finer and brighter surface by removing metal using electrochemistry. The enhance surface reduces friction and provides for more effective cleaning. Also, surface chromium is enriched which enhances corrosion resistance.

Our electropolishing system has been specifically designed to electropolish Stainless ULTRA-PURE fittings using the latest technology available within the industry.

Our system is used exclusively for polished, stainless steel fittings, which have been cleaned prior to electropolishing.

Pure Water

Prior to packaging, ALL fittings go through a final cleaning process with DEIONIZED WATER (DI) water. Advance Fittings produces its own ULTRA HIGH PURITY water low in TOC (total organic carbon). DI water is produced through a series of purification steps and filtration to yield high purity levels.

Class 100 Clean Room

To meet the most stringent demands for HIGH-PURITY, Advance Fittings has an on-sight certified CLASS 100 CLEAN ROOM. Fittings to be cleaned receive the ultimate in cleaning. Fittings are rinsed and cleaned by heated, purified and filtered DI water with purity levels reaching 18.2 megohm. After cleaning, fittings are dried and purged with filtered pure nitrogen, double capped and sealed in individual bags. Advance Fittings has the necessary controls, gages and graph devices to read water purity, both incoming and outflow, during the cleaning process. Printed recordings are available.

316L Stainless Steel Sanitary and Tube Weld Adapter Ordering Information

Leading Innovative Products and Solutions offers a broad range of fittings with a number of available surface finishes. Each number in the part number identifies a component of each part. When ordering please include part number and description. This is a guideline, please contact customer service with any questions.

Part Numbering
Example: TA7WWW 2 #6 51037-520
Surface Finishes
Code Description
0 Machine Finish / Mill Finish / No Polish
1 Tumble Finish / Mill Finish / No Polish
2 Polish OD & ID Specified Ra (Better than 30 Ra) Electropolished
3 Polish ID Only 30 Ra Maximum
4 Polish ID Only Specified Ra Electropolished
5 Polish OD Only 30 Ra Maximum
6 Polish OD & ID Specified Ra (Better than 30 Ra)
7 Polish OD & ID 30 Ra Maximum
8 Polish ID Only Specifed Ra (Better than 30 Ra)
9 Polish OD Only Specified Ra (Better than 30 Ra)